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Ozia CBD



Helping families and individuals in need get access to the highest quality CBD at affordable prices

Ozia CBD

  • OUR GOAL – In launching our CBD products, our goal has always been to help the underserved & stigmatized get access to high quality CBD at an affordable price.
  • BROAD-SPECTRUM EXTRACT | ZERO THC 0.0% – We are unique in that we maintain a full plant profile which preserves naturally present cannabinoids found in hemp such as CBD, CBG and CBN as well as a complete terpene profile giving it the “entourage effect”.  Feel the difference!
  • VERTICALLY INTEGRATED FROM FARM TO BOTTLE – From cultivation, growing and harvesting to extraction, development and bottling; we control the entire process. No imports cut with synthetics. No using CBD isolates & no trying to piece back together isolates and terpene components to make cheap Frankenstein formulas.
  • PURITY & QUALITY – Our Ozia CBD products are manufactured in a cGMP facility following strict FDA and safety guidelines while being tested for purity and quality in every batch.
  • SPREADING GOOD VIBES – For over a decade, Ozia Originals has been spreading good vibes by making innovative products from nature. For almost 4 years now, we have been making high quality CBD products and selling them to all 50 states as well as internationally.
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Tincture – 1000mg CBD  


  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (including terpenes and other cannabinoids)
  • Other Ingredients:
    • Coconut Oil (MCT)
    • Peppermint Oil
    • Stevia

Certificate of analysis

Gel Capsule – 25mg CBD / 30 capsules


  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (including terpenes and other cannabinoids)
  • Other ingredients:
    • Polysorbate 80
    • Polysorbate (as emulsifiers)
    • MCT Oil
    • Beta-caryophyllene
    • Gelatin capsule

Certificate of analysis

Hemp Powder – 5000mg CBD


  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (including terpenes and other cannabinoids)
  • Other ingredients:
    • Dextrin
    • Acacia Gum
    • Sunflower Lecithin
    • Vitamin E

Certificate of analysis

Hemp Mint Tablets – 15mg CBD / 30 tablets


  • CBD Hemp Isolate with ZERO THC 0.0%
  • Other Ingredients:
    • Mannitol & Glyceryl Monostearate (common baking emulsifier in food)
    • Natural Mint Flavor
    • Natural Coloring
    • Vitamin E

Q. Does CBD really work?

A. The short answer is yes. It is important to note that taking CBD is a process and it can take 4-6 weeks to really figure out the best amount (mg) and format (tincture, gel caps, powder) that will work for your preference and lifestyle. Many people don’t feel CBD right away but really notice it after a week or two.  There is a saying “it’s not what you feel, its what you don’t feel”.

Q. Can I take CBD along with my medications? 

A. Although CBD is natural and from the hemp plant, it can affect certain medications such as blood pressure. Please consult your physician for medical questions before use.

Q. Why do some bottles say “O2” and others say “Ozia Originals” ?

A. We are currently moving through a transition to have all CBD products say “Ozia Originals”.  “O2” CBD was created when we initially started selling CBD and actually meant “Ozia 2” – literally the second Ozia.  Not too worry!  Same great formula, same great CBD all from our company Ozia Originals. 

Serious about your CBD for chronic issues?  You’ve come to the right place.  Ozia CBD was created to help families and individuals in need get access to the highest quality CBD at affordable prices.

I was skeptical at first, take 4 doses and noticed effects 

First time trying CBD oil. Was very skeptical at first. Took 1 dose every hour. I finally started feeling my anxiety going down after the third dose. After the fourth dose, I noticed the muscle relaxing and pain relief effects. So, it definitely works albeit I needed 4 doses but maybe a reverse tolerance too.  All in all I recommend this product. Feels very therapeutic. Good for my anxiety and panic attacks too.


Helps with pain without feeling out of it

Helps with pain without the high. Have to lay down because of debilitating back pain. Took my gel caps and a little later had to get up to the restroom and was all the way to the restroom door before I was aware that I had NO pain. Just what I was looking for, pain relief without sedation. Thank you Ozia.


Crazy insomnia

I’m a chronic insomniac. The mind just won’t shut off.  I took a suggestion and got the cbd powder from Ozia.  Although it is a little more expensive, it is 5000mg and goes a long way.  I looked into other cbds and 5000mg was about $300 so this is way better at $75 with the coupon. Basically, i put a 1/2 teaspoon into a tea at night with some honey.  The hemp is pretty strong but I am use to it.  I get restful sleep that I don’t get from the pills my doctor gave me. I’m a convert, this is good stuff.


Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women. If taking medication, consult a physician before use. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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