Kava EndWatcherWell, I am no stranger to Kava.Ive consumed Kava for years now, and have aquired a certain level of consistency and quality with my root.  That being said, Kava Candys rock.This isnt my first time consuming these, and it wont be the last!I love traditional root, and while nothing can really beat it. Id have to say these are…(full review)


Kava Community,

Steve GeorgeOzia Originals is a global provider of choice for herb-based products. Ozia Originals, through its Hawaii Vibe-O platform, is the go-to resource to engage with a like-minded community of fellow optimists and stress-rejecters, find comic relief, and to learn about different ways to deal with life’s hard knocks.

As a small business in Hawaii, we have sent Kava Candy to over 30 countries and have officially sent over 1 million pieces of candy to our awesome tribe.  ALWAYS GRATEFUL & THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!


Owner, Kava Candy