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Ozia Originals is a global provider of herb-based products. Ozia (pronounced OH-zee-ah), through its Hawaii Vibe-O platform, is the go-to resource to engage with a like-minded community of fellow optimists and stress-rejecters, find comic relief, and to learn about and find new solutions to deal with life’s hard knocks.*

Back to the Beginning: Curiosity + Kava

The kava plant grows in western Pacific islands, including Fiji, Polynesia, and Hawaii. For more than 3,000 years, the kava plant’s roots have been used to make a drink that has sedative and anesthetic effects but it’s flavor is rather unappealing.  In 2006, in a small studio next to the University of Hawaii, Steve George, our founder, pursued his curiosity about kava, and ended up with a business venture that has helped thousands better deal with life’s drama.

Much like a home brewer toils and tinkers with his ale, Steve researched ingredients, methods, and flavor combinations. The result: several new flavored kava drinks, which he initially shared with friends and family. He even experimented with carbonation — kava drinks are not traditionally carbonated.  “It was fun to try unconventional things to make the beverage both effective and great-tasting,” said George.  In 2007, he entered Awa2O — one of his favorite kava concoctions — into Oahu’s Kava Festival. It won the People’s Choice Award. In 2008, George entered his latest concoction, called Ozia, which incorporated three natural herbs (including kava). And he won yet another award. The award-winning Ozia was then bottled and sold to independent retailers on Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island, and also shipped to the mainland.

The early Ozia batches were produced entirely by hand in a commercial kitchen in Kalihi. This labor of love included measuring, heating, mixing,pasteurizing, filling, capping, cooling, labeling, and boxing … whew!  Ironically, it was a stressful start to building a business intended to reduce stress!  “With our lives getting more stressful every day, I saw the need for a functional on-the-go product that can help us cope with our stressful lives,” George explained.

Fast forward to 2012. After continued experimentation with kava, George was successful in creating the first and only Kava candy, developed to help relieve stress at work. In 2013, Ozia Originals went to market with its patented Kava Kava Candy, and now offers the candy in convenient blister packaging that ships worldwide. As of 2016, Ozia has produced and shipped more than a million pieces of

Kava Kava Candy to more than 30 countries on six different continents and is launching a new Ginger-Mint flavored Kava Candy!

Ozia Originals continues to expand its product line, looking to possibly help alleviate life’s stress-related ailments,  aches and pains*.

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