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Our Compassionate Use Program Community

Helping people ~ Naturally & Affordably

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Our burgeoning community started our Compassionate Use Program by reaching out to current customers of Ozia who are facing difficult situations and needed access to affordable CBD. We first reached out to those facing Fibromyalgia as this community is underserved and we felt they needed an outlet to be heard. Since our product(s) worked well for them, they simply needed a way to buy more at an affordable cost. To reduce symptoms of chronic pain, many people needed double, triple or even quadruple amounts of regular sized doses seen in research studies and clinical trials.

Our community took it upon themselves to do “group buys” which allowed them to buy more and we worked with them to make it more affordable.

Thus, members had enough CBD to last them through the month without worrying how they were going to get their next order. Our community is everything to us and demonstrates that customers and businesses can have true partnerships that help one another.

Some of Our Customers' True Personal Stories:

I want to personally thank you for the compassion you have shown my family over the past year. Last summer we were thrown a major curve ball upon discovering my husband had neck and throat cancer. After a brutal few months he came off of the treatment cancer free but physically and emotionally broken. He couldn’t sleep or swallow anything and he was in pain from radiation burns.

He started taking your CBD oil and began feeling better much faster. He continues to take the CBD oil every night and has slept better these past 9 months than ever in his life! He has also incorporated meditation which has been beneficial in many ways. I started eating the delicious gummies to cope with the stress and worry of all that comes with a loved one who has cancer. Our daughters began taking the CBD oil and for our older daughter who was in her last year of college, it worked very well. She has been taking the oil to “take the edge off the graduation stress.”

Now we come to our youngest daughter. For much of her life she has suffered from mild anxiety but she has always found coping mechanisms. However, her first year of college pushed mental and boundaries she was not expecting. She is a college athlete (fencer), is on full scholarship so she had to maintain a high GPA, she was dealing with the possibility of losing her father to cancer, and she sustained a painful hip injury during the season which now requires surgery. She persevered and achieved more than we could have ever hoped for or even expected.

What we did not realize until our visit to her doctor a week ago, is that she has also been battling depression this last year. It is heartbreaking to hear your child describe the incredible sadness and emptiness she feels every day. No one would have ever guessed because she is always active, sociable, outgoing, has lots of friends, etc. Fortunately, she has a great doctor who diagnosed depression and explained that our daughter has a serotonin deficiency. The doctor thinks it’s a good idea to use both prescription and herbal medication, so here’s where CBD comes in! The sad part is that during the school year the college athletic association does not allow students to take CBD. Go figure. But over the summer our goal is to heal our youngest. This includes hip surgery and firing up her serotonin-deficient brain with CBD and magnesium.

We are looking forward to seeing the powerful healing effects of CBD, medication and magnesium. We’ll keep you posted. Our daughter is keeping a daily journal this summer so we’ll be able to track the progress. Meanwhile, you keep doing what you’re doing. Honestly, your company should be a template for others. Your ethics, true compassion and customer service are second to none!

I had been on a heavy cocktail of meds for over a decade. I began to suffer severe life threatening side effects over that time and it got to the point where I needed to go off everything. I had lost significant amount of weight and was unable to drive. My sleep was off and I had/have severe anxiety. I began using your CBD as I began withdrawing from the meds which also included antidepressant. This oil saved my life. I was nearly hospitalized due to the pain and declining functionality. My doctor’s solution was MORE MEDS….I had tried O2 / Ozia tincture in smaller doses and I decided to use a larger quantity hoping it would give me some relief….IT DID.

I have taken this product daily for over 4 months now. I have gained most of the weight I had lost. I sleep thru the night. My pain is managed effectively without toxicity or harmful side effects. This is powerful medicine.

I am so grateful for this wonderful product and their care and support during that/this time. I honestly don’t know how I would have moved forward without this medicine. Thank you so much.

I have lived with the excruciating pain of fibromyalgia for 20 years now…and…it’s not getting better either. I quit opioids (low dose) on my own 3.5 years ago that I had taken for 12 years and that really helped me but I could not put myself through the opioid demonization that I knew was coming, my quality of life is not very slim to none. I am only able to go to work and at an office job 9 hours a day and that is it. I have tried so many things to help me naturally, without a lot of success. I do buy CBD but from another company and at $60-80 a bottle it is hard to afford….I have no insurance and also quit going to the doctor period three years ago also, I just don’t believe in them anymore. Sorry to write a book, but I love your kava kava candy, it helps keep the stress down (which is so important with fibromyalgia) at work and had some today since it is a stressful day. Do you have any other products other than the Ozia tincture? Maybe I didn’t give it long enough. It seemed like it took the other CBD a few weeks before I stared noticing a little help (and it’s not even a lot). Love your Company!

I have a wife and a young daughter and have had Fibromyalgia since my teenage years. Because stress and deadlines began to make my pain unbearable, I had to give up traditional work a couple of years ago. This has led to a massively challenging time for us financially, especially as my wife was only able to work part time as she needed to do the hands-on work with our daughter. To say we’ve lived on the edge of not having money would be fairly accurate.

I am on a myriad of prescribed medications every day and that sort of controls the pain, at least some of the time. But over the last year or so I began to hear about, and research hemp-based CBD oils. It took me ages to work out that, because it wasn’t cannabis, it was in fact legal here in the UK. Because it’s still fairly new, prices of CBD are high – and certainly higher than our finances could have allowed. So I put it to the back of my mind – we didn’t have the funds to run an experiment that may or may not have helped me cope with high levels of pain.

It was into this situation that, unknowingly at the time, Ozia emailed. They were offering some free samples, shipped even to the UK, on the basis that I write a blog post review of their products. That, it turned out, was an amazingly generous offer from Ozia. I run a busy blog that sees 6000-9000 visitors a month depending on seasonality, so I felt I had something I could offer. I ran various tests before publishing my blog post. At that time, I had managed to reduce my intake of prescribed medications because of CBD oils.

Once my samples had been used, I came to an arrangement with Ozia to be able to purchase some of their stock. Cost is still an issue; however, for the strength that makes a difference to my pain, no one in the UK could offer me the quality and strength at a price I could afford. And I was glad to be able to pay Ozia CBD for their products. Since winter hit, my pain levels have soared as cold weather aggravates my pain. Normally this would involve me taking many additional doses of meds over a month, but thanks to CBD Oils, this has only happened a couple of times.

My use of CBD is not recreational; it is something I use simply to cope and to plug gaps in between doses of medications. If I could afford it, I would be taking more than I currently am, possibly double. This is because I know my pain levels drop the more CBD I take. But with our still-precarious family finances, this is simply not an option.

However, I am massively grateful to Ozia Originals for their well-timed outreach email, the friendly staff I’ve spoken with and their continued support in keeping me stocked with product. Until the UK offers some form of CBD on the NHS I will need to keep buying my own oils. Alongside my meds, I need it sometimes simply to survive, to do dad-things with my daughter, to continue blogging and streaming. Without it, this winter, I would have been struggling to move because of how horrible my pain levels are. 

I think what you already are doing for the fibro community is good enough in of itself! By acknowledging our suffering, I know it means a lot to many women. I belong to a group of Fibromyalgia on FB, and I’m shocked and saddened with how many of their loved ones and friends don’t believe fibro is an illness!…too many of those women to be honest 🙁 I am lucky to have a support system, because when you have a depressed day on top of all the other ailments going on, last thing one needs is a beat down of words, coming from your husband or others. I really appreciate the acknowledgement of this silent disease. Thanks Steve and all that is making my fibromyalgia at least manageable. 🙂

My fibromyalgia story is similar to most. I’ve had the symptoms my whole life. Had people tell me I was lazy and making up the pain and symptoms for attention. When I was twenty two (I am now twenty four) I discovered fibro through research. I spoke with a doctor and they verbally gave me a diagnosis of fibro but never put it in my chart.

Flash forward two years and I still cannot get an official diagnosis. I’ve been told I’m too young to fibro, I should just lose weight, I’m on too much pain for it to be real, I’m making it up for attention, fibro isn’t real, etc.

I am 24 years old and I struggle to get out of bed because of pain, fatigue, and the various other fibro symptoms. Most days I have to walk with a cane.

I was taking CBD oil regularly and it seemed to help, but money is tight and I couldn’t buy it for some time. Thank you so very much!! 

Thanks for your help! I take CBD every day. I have dealt with stomach issues in the past and was diagnosed with IBS-like symptoms but after narrowing down when my stomach hurt, I realized it was anxiety based. I’m a regular cannabis consumer and always noticed when I smoked I was calm and so was my stomach. I actually moved to Colorado to live a legal lifestyle and once I got here I decided to work in the industry. After learning more about cannabinoids, I learned how CBD is non-psychoactive but still highly medicinal so I experimented with different products and I realized that CBD made a dramatic effect on my mood.

I take at least 25 mg of CBD every day to just calm down from everyday anxieties. Although I originally experimented with CBD from cannabis, I have found that CBD from hemp feels almost identical and I choose to purchase my CBD online from Ozia because this is the most cost effective way to get my medicine (even though I have my medical marijuana card in Colorado) . So I appreciate the savings on yall’s website and I constantly recommend it to my patients as a more cost effective route to a daily CBD routine. I have also given capsules to my boyfriend to relieve his chronic migraines and they have always helped in relieving them. 

I have kinda chronic issues with a knee & a shoulder. Different accidents several years ago. I’ve got inflammation in those joints & pain due to the injuries & surgeries. I didn’t know about CBD before July 2017. Weed / weed products became legal in Nevada & I started doing a little research as to what I could do about my issues. Somehow I found your website & ordered the CBD. Right away I stopped worrying about my knee & the shoulder also improved. I’ll keep using your stuff. Much better than killing myself with pills. 

I use the oil for my son and daughter for ADHD and ADD. It helps them to focus. I also use the oil for myself during my monthly “curse” to relieve cramps and the heavy bleeding. Since taking the oil I have had less painful periods and shorter periods as well. It has been such a godsend for us. It helps with pain both superficial and inside the body. If you rub some oil on superficial pain it helps within a minute to relieve the intensity. It’s a great product. 

I myself have an illness that mimics fibromyalgia in some ways. It is called Valley Fever. It is caused by a fungal infection that kills many people every year and devastates the lives of many, simply because they breathe in the fungal spore. I myself developed chronic meningitis from this illness. Many of the other people who have it suffer from joint and muscle pain, depression, anxiety, brain fog, and many other side effects of this illness.

Many of the people who have it use CBD products and marijuana products. I myself have found these products to be most helpful. I am part of a group that has a couple thousand members on Facebook, called Valley Fever Survivor. Because the medications that treat this illness have horrible side effects and are extremely expensive, many are looking for alternative treatments. It might be another way where your company could help chronically ill people, similar to fibromyalgia.

Just wanted to share that with you. I think your products are great.

Thank you for all the amazing discounts … you’ve helped so many of us.

I have Fibromyalgia. I didn’t think about CBD for the symptoms until now, I’ve been using it for mellowing my nerves when I can’t use Kava (needing to be fully alert). It does relax the body, and I’ll try to keep a mental journal of how it alleviates any physical symptoms.

My son suffers from nerve pain in his back and has been given a prescriptio from a doctor. Your tincture helps him to the point that he doesn’t always take the prescribed medicine. I talked to my son last night and he’s not even getting his prescription filled now, thanks to the CBD. His back pain had been bad enough that the doctors have considered surgery. Thanks!

I just wanted to let you know I ordered a 4-pack of orange Kava Kava Candy from Amazon, and I’m loving it. I kept hearing good things about it…which is rare for a concentrated kava product. So many people disparage extracts and tinctures and pills, which is deserved usually, because it’s rare an extract 1. Does anything at all, or 2. Feels like drinking real kava. Somehow you’ve transcended all this with this candy. It genuinely feels like drinking a shell (…minus the gagging and retching with the last gulp. I shudder to think.) It’s delicious and unassuming and easy. I’m a fan. Thanks for the delightful addition to my life!

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Dr. Cindy

I work to help people be healthier both mentally and physically. A former bodybuilder, I'm always looking for ways to be better and have spent my entire career working with athletes and people with chronic pain. Finding CBD and becoming part of CUP has helped me and those I work with to live happier, healthier lives. I know the long term effects of years of training on the body, and how good it feels when your body and mind are aligned.



I've worked as a psychiatric nurse receiving my L.P.T. license when I was 22 years old. I began working with the adolescent and child population after graduation. I have a profound curiosity in healing and Wellness Amplification. I am not against western paradigms of medicine- I am for all paths that can offer us the wisdom to remember and reanimate our Love/Power.



I became a health coach so I can help people get their lives back like I did. I support people to go from simply surviving to thriving and living life to their fullest. Only focusing on nutrition and exercise isn’t enough. You need all elements of your lifestyle supported. Sometimes our biggest challenges in life become our biggest inspiration and reason for living. KerryMannWellness.com



I grew up in the wide open spaces of Wyoming where I was lucky enough to be outdoors and around animals on a daily basis. I currently work in the medical field which allows me to help people through some of the most difficult times in their lives. I have 3 daughters and we love our fur babies. 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 bunnies and 1 pony— most of whom are rescues.



I worked on a cross-collaboration with Joe (one of our customers) to create what is now called the Compassionate Use Program. As an entrepreneur for over 10+ years, my guidance has always been to serve customers better and to keep asking how I could help serve them. I enjoy trail running in Hawaii with our two dogs and spending time with friends and family around a barbecue.

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