Can Turmeric Be Taken Without Black Pepper?

Do you need black pepper to absorb your turmeric? The popular opinion is a yes. Over the last decade, black pepper has become turmeric’s mandatory side-kick, found in almost every supplement on the market. This combination is a result of cross-over, randomized study in humans conducted by Shobha in 1998. The result showed that […]

Can I Take Turmeric Everyday?

Turmeric is a herb which has 4000 years of history and has survived the test of time. From Hawaii to China to India, it has found its place in every culture. People around the world consume it in a variety of ways. In the Market Analysis Report by Grand View Research, the turmeric market was […]

How do Ozia products work? A month in the life of a retired NFL Player

A healthy life is the desired state of being for all of us. A body free of ailments allows a sense of freedom and confidence. Imagine a month without your headache, backache, or any ache. Pure bliss, right? We all deserve a healthy life. To find this sweet acoustic spot has always been a difficult […]

Has turmeric use in India caused less Alzheimer’s?

The global prevalence of dementia is alarming. According to the World Health Organization, 50 million people are living with it globally. By the year 2050, this figure will reach a whopping 131.5 million. Amongst these statistics, Alzheimer’s is the most common cause and comprises 60-70% of the cases!  India caught the global spotlight a few […]

Which has the better turmeric- India or the USA?

Turmeric is versatile and has so many nicknames. In Hawaii it’s called ‘Olena, in India it’s called Haldi, in China it’s Jiang Huang. It has made landings and permanent residence around the world and has made a huge name for itself! “Why”, you ask? Well, here’s the story… The story’s protagonist is curcumin! Turmeric or […]