Kava Is Not Alcohol and Here’s Why You Should Still Drink It

A socially vibrant area with bustling conversation over a cup of kava has become a common affair in many bars in the USA. Though bars and “kava” don’t quite go hand in hand, with changing times, associations are also changing.  The stressful world around us continuously demands a moment of calmness. The calmness can be […]

Why do people think kava causes liver toxicity?

Johann Forster, a naturalist aboard Captain James Cook’s Endeavor gave us Piper methysticum, kava’s scientific name. Piper is Latin for pepper and methysticum is Latinized Greek for intoxicating, making it intoxicating pepper.  Forster’s understanding gave kava the toxic image which was further made worse with the adamant belief of kava being a liquor by many […]

Kava – A Tour of Kava Geography

Today we present to you the Kava tour, Ozia style! But before that, do you know what Kava is? Kava is an earthy mixture made from the pounded root of a pepper plant species. It has ancient roots in the Pacific islands. Kava was grown throughout Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia for its medicinal and relaxing properties. […]

What does Kava feel and taste like?

Humanity has come up with infinite possibilities of consuming Kava. Shooter and chase is the most common suggestion that is, chug it and drink something better. Some advice to mix as little water as possible and chug it down. Why though? Let’s find out. We will also unravel Kava’s taste, feel and explore the innovative […]

Why Kava and the different ways to take it for anxiety

Imagine a herb capable of enhancing your body wellness, emotional well-being, and help reduce your everyday anxiety! Kava is capable of giving it all to you. Kava is for the millennial generation who are health conscious and are on their way to achieve sustainable and non-addictive health alternatives. It has applications in a number of […]