Australia Kava Shop making a splash!

KAVA KAVA CANDY is, without doubt, one of our very favorite kava products of all time!We can speak with some authority as to why we say this too. Our history with Kava Kava Candy goes back 10 years (“back in the day” as we like to call it). At that time,we had a highly successful […]

What is Better for Your Anxious Mind: Kava or Ashwagandha?

In this article, we will be exploring what is better for your anxious mind: kava or ashwagandha? But first what is anxiety? Anxiety: A Story of “Ifs” and “Maybe” It isn’t fear but it sure feels like it. At times, it’s crippling and at times, it is not. “What if” & “maybe” reign the brain […]

Traditional Method to Make Your Kava & Understand Role of Strainer

Kava has become extremely popular in recent times. Tampa Bay Times has reported the rising kava bars in the USA, especially in southeast Florida! St Petersburg is not behind either. Pinellas County is now popular as a must visit place for any kava fan. This immense popularity for the earthy, mouth-numbing drink is no surprise […]

Kava Spectrum: Choosing The Best Kava in The Market

There are over 150 types of kava but only some are traditionally used and considered safe to use. Also, kava can work well (if done properly) when extracted by ethanol, water, and CO2. We are sure you have questions & wondering which kava is safe then or how to choose the one that works for […]

Kava & The Sober Bars For Your Health

Bars without alcohol. Yes, you read it right!  Bars WITHOUT alcohol are the new reality in 2021 across the world. The sober bars are the new cool & it’s time for you to join them.  In this article, let us take you on a health journey where you’ll find the rising community of kava users […]

Harvard Project Recommends Kava For Generalized Anxiety Disorder

In the 21st century, anxiety has become a commonplace world. In fact, in a paper by Borwin & Sophie, MD, up to 33.7% of the world’s population are affected by an anxiety disorder during their lifetime!! Anxiety & its high prevalence as demonstrated above is the stark reality of today’s world. It comes in varied […]

Stigma Associated With Anxiety & Stress

Let us begin with the following statistics: In the United States of America, 1 out 5 adults are living with mental illness.  Over 264 million people in the world suffer from depression.  Approximately 275 million or 4% of the world’s population suffer from anxiety disorders around the globe.  As of 2018, Greece is the most […]

Kava Is Not Alcohol and Here’s Why You Should Still Drink It

A socially vibrant area with bustling conversation over a cup of kava has become a common affair in many bars in the USA. Though bars and “kava” don’t quite go hand in hand, with changing times, associations are also changing.  The stressful world around us continuously demands a moment of calmness. The calmness can be […]