What’s the deal with CBD and does it really work?

CBD is EVERYWHERE. The data pulled over from users across various social media platforms and 12,000 URLs by cannabisMD, a non-advocacy educational group found that CBD is a buzzword that has managed to become more popular than Jesus, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift in 2019. The trends since then have changed in favour of CBD […]

Which has the better turmeric- India or the USA?

Turmeric is versatile and has so many nicknames. In Hawaii it’s called ‘Olena, in India it’s called Haldi, in China it’s Jiang Huang. It has made landings and permanent residence around the world and has made a huge name for itself! “Why”, you ask? Well, here’s the story… The story’s protagonist is curcumin! Turmeric or […]

Why Kava and the different ways to take it for anxiety

Imagine a herb capable of enhancing your body wellness, emotional well-being, and help reduce your everyday anxiety! Kava is capable of giving it all to you. Kava is for the millennial generation who are health conscious and are on their way to achieve sustainable and non-addictive health alternatives. It has applications in a number of […]