What is Better for Your Anxious Mind: Kava or Ashwagandha?

In this article, we will be exploring what is better for your anxious mind: kava or ashwagandha? But first what is anxiety? Anxiety: A Story of “Ifs” and “Maybe” It isn’t fear but it sure feels like it. At times, it’s crippling and at times, it is not. “What if” & “maybe” reign the brain […]

Is Turmeric Good for Dogs? Find Out Here!

Is turmeric good for dogs? Find out here and get answers to all of your questions!  Turmeric, the magical herb, has made wellness waves across the globe for a long time now. It’s affordable, versatile, and does the job naturally.  People have found a sense of freedom in the yellow spice. Freedom to have a […]

Find Out Here: Is CBD A Drug? Is It Legal To Use?

Hello readers,  Welcome back to our blog 🙂 Nature and derivation: The two keys that determine CBD’s legality, especially in the US. As of today, it is fully legal in all 50 U.S. states (with some individual state caveats). All thanks to the Farm Bill, 2018.  Similarly, in Canada, the Cannabis Act has changed the […]

Traditional Method to Make Your Kava & Understand Role of Strainer

Kava has become extremely popular in recent times. Tampa Bay Times has reported the rising kava bars in the USA, especially in southeast Florida! St Petersburg is not behind either. Pinellas County is now popular as a must visit place for any kava fan. This immense popularity for the earthy, mouth-numbing drink is no surprise […]

5 Simple Ways To Use Turmeric For Boosting Your Immunity System

Turmeric, a spice from India, has a golden history of powerful health benefits. Latest reports have shown its powerful impact on diseases like arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many other degenerative diseases.  This staple front row spice has become a household name across the globe in recent times, especially for its immunity-boosting properties. People are adding […]

Read This Before Taking Delta-8 THC!

“All other forms of THC, including Delta-8 in any concentration and Delta-9 exceeding 0.3%, are considered Schedule I controlled substances.” This notice is available on the Texas Department of State Health Services’ website, starting from October 15 of this year.  What is Delta-8? Why did Texas and many other US states plan to put such […]

Kava Spectrum: Choosing The Best Kava in The Market

There are over 150 types of kava but only some are traditionally used and considered safe to use. Also, kava can work well (if done properly) when extracted by ethanol, water, and CO2. We are sure you have questions & wondering which kava is safe then or how to choose the one that works for […]

Turmeric Tastes Yummy Or Weird? Find Out Here

Searching the internet for herbal & alternative remedies for your health? Then you must have heard about turmeric by now.  Turmeric, a golden spice, has made a huge impact in the wellness industry around the world. It is everywhere, in our coffee, tea, pancakes, aubergine, candy!  But the question is, is it palatable to our […]

Is It Safe To Consume CBD In My Beverage or Daily Food Items?

CBD or cannabidiol can be found in anything now. CBD infused smoothies, tea, coffee, face mask, you name it and there’s CBD in it! (and for the right reasons) The market’s demand for CBD infused beverages has become so huge that Statista has predicted the following: The market value of CBD-infused beverages in the United […]

Kava & The Sober Bars For Your Health

Bars without alcohol. Yes, you read it right!  Bars WITHOUT alcohol are the new reality in 2021 across the world. The sober bars are the new cool & it’s time for you to join them.  In this article, let us take you on a health journey where you’ll find the rising community of kava users […]