About Ozia

  In 2006 (from a small studio in Hawaii), Steve George pursued his curiosity about kava with the goal to help people relax in an increasingly stressful world.  With a knack for tinkering and figuring things out, Steve rented a commercial kitchen a made an unconventional kava drink.  The results?  “People Choice Award” at Oahu’s Kava Festival.

  Fast forward, Ozia Originals was born and developed what is now their flagship Kava Kava Candy which has two flavors (Orange & Ginger-mint) and ships all over the world. By creating innovative products from nature, Ozia has continued to develop a CBD line and most recently a new Turmeric Candy.

“I absolutely love getting an email or call from a customers about how one of our products have helped make their lives a little easier. When you work with people suffering from fibromyalgia or severe anxiety, you quickly understand how holistic approaches can really make a big difference on how someone can truly functions during a given week.”

~ Steve George (Owner Ozia Originals)

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