Steve George

Eleven fun or interesting facts about Steve (all 100% true)

  1. Born and adopted from Vietnam towards the end of the war and reunited with a nurse that accidently burned me (a touching story really and we had dinner 25 years later)
  2. Avid dog owner since I can remember having everything from malamutes, blue heelers, ridgeback and lots of poi dogs.
  3. Drove 200mph in a Ferrari Spider (with the top down)…and yes, I was the driver!
  4. Got stalked for 3 days in Morroco and was almost left in the Sahara Desert for dead
  5. Was a member of the US Junior National Gymnastics Team and competed for UC Berkeley. I was hurt a lot and had 3 different surgeries on three different limbs.
  6. Apparently, I was the “star” in a production of “The King and I” in Laramie, Wyoming. In high school , I put back on my stage face and was one of the “Russian dancers” in the Nutcracker.
  7. Despite yard work, shoveling snow, and selling candy bars at a young age, my first real entrepreneurial success was selling some baseball cards for $1800 when I was 15 (it was in spite of my dad cause he told me no one would pay for them. Sorry dad!)
  8. I still somehow hold a National Record in high school gymnastics as the only person to win the All-Around title for four years in a row from Freshman through Senior year and ended up in Sports Illustrated (it was a tiny spot…mom was proud)
  9. I have fun gardening and once made a bunch of aquaponic systems for schools around Oahu.
  10. Ran multiple marathons but it was a half marathon where I almost passed out wearing a T-Rex costume
  11. I started my first product out of curiosity and literally played around with beverages on a hot plate. I soon graduated to a little carbonation system and with a lot of tests and tinkering the idea became a reality.